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What the Chamber does for you…

You have made a smart decision for your business by wanting to join The Williamson County-Franklin Chamber of Commerce, an elite business organization that works for you in many ways, including:

ANSWERS YOUR MAIL….. We reply to inquires about the surrounding area, about your business and about you. We answer every inquiry fully, promptly and courteously creating favorable impressions and building business for you.

IS YOUR SPOKESPERSON….. The Chamber office is an information source for visitors and residents. Your Chamber staff continuously refers customers and clients to members who provide desired products or services.

IS YOUR BUSINESS AGENT…. Ready to lend a hand. Perform services to existing industries and businesses, conducts surveys and studies and helps create more payroll dollars for the area.

IS YOUR SALES MANAGER….. We sell your city, town, county, products and services to people nationwide.

IS YOUR TRAINING AGENT….. Conduct seminars and workshops on subject of concern and interest to your business well being.

MULTIPLIES YOUR EFFECTIVENESS IN THE COMMUNITY…. Provide structure, volunteer leadership, professional staff and full-time office operation to implement an effective program to meet the needs of a growing community.

CHAMBER MEMBERSHIP…. Is a unique opportunity to invest in “Business Assurance.” Together, we can assure that the business system to which we belong continues to grow.


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Apply Today!

The Williamson County-Franklin Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization serving Williamson County with members throughout the United States.

Prospective members are required to pay membership dues in full at the time of application.  This is a 12-month application fee.  Membership is continuous until cancelled in writing, in advance of the renewal date.

Dues are based on revenue.  Your membership is a company membership that would cover everyone employed within your company.  There is no restriction to the number of representatives from your company that can attend our events at member price.  Your dues are selected on an honor system and for you to determine from the dues level guide. Your membership will be effective upon receiving payment by check or credit card, accompanied by the application form. The Chamber accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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Once you have completed the application and are ready to become a part of this business organization, please contact us by:

Fax: 615 – 790 – 5337

Or mail to:  Williamson County-Franklin Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 156
Franklin, TN  37065-0156

After we have processed your application we will notify you to be introduced at our next membership luncheon meeting.  This is great exposure for you and your business.  Make sure you bring plenty of business cards to this event.  We often reach capacity attendance at our membership luncheon meetings.

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